What’s on your DRADIS?

Last night, I watched the final episode of the series Battlestar Galactica (BSG). I watched all four seasons over the past few weeks. I had heard of the show, but never thought about actually watching it. That is, until I saw this sketch on “Portlandia,” where the couple gets hooked watching BSG; so much so that they don’t get off the couch for days – they lose their friends, their jobs, their hygiene. That inspired me to find out what the joke there really was – to watch this all-absorbing show. I’d either love it, or I’d ‘eh’ it.

I liked it. I loved it. I had no idea it was so good.        !!

Photo source: Wikipedia  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:BattlestarGalactica2003.jpg)

Photo source: Wikipedia BSG page

People who know me personally have had a nice time making fun of me for enjoying this show. So thanks for that, but I don’t care. So they had some made-up words (I really don’t need to hear the term “fraking” ever again) and the sometimes heavy-handedness of philosophical and religious ideas. But… there was a lot of good to take away from it, and I had fun getting into it.

In thinking about writing this post, I started writing out all the words of wisdom, the ideas, the strokes of brilliant insight I had about myself while watching the show. But it all seemed so trite when I actually wrote it down.

I think, for me, I took from this show what I needed. Thoughts about leadership, and acceptance of decisions made – whether the outcomes are good or bad… thoughts about knowing yourself, being strong in yourself, and coming to terms with it when you realize you’re not who you thought you were.

The other part of the show that got me was the music, man, the music. The drumbeats featured in various sequences were primal, gut-fortifying, heart-pounding… I find myself at work, at home, tapping pencils to the beats.

And, hey, there are spaceships and airlocks and the all-knowing DRADIS – the radar used on all the ships.

So yeah, Battlestar Galactica. I’m a fan. For my own reasons. Go find yours.

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