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I just finished the latest from Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game. He’s got a prequel series started up – the First Formic War series – these books take place waaay before Ender was a spark in his dad’s eye. These books are my literary potato chips – I can’t stop reading them once I start, and they’re really fun, but I feel little gross afterwards. The story of Ender’s Game was soo good, but there’ve been so many sequels and parallel stories that this story is feeling a little tired. But whatever, I’m reading anyway.

A certain Miss 6 who is in my life has recently been bitten by the Junie B. Jones bug (and oh oh, I just discovered there’s a Junie B website).  Junie B. is a sassy and precocious kindergartner who gets into trouble, says adorable things, and annoys and delights the adults around her. Miss 6 can totally relate. Junie B Jones

As a ‘last day of first grade’ present, I ordered for her Junie B.’s Essential Survival Guide to School. This thing is really cute – I wish we had found Junie B. last year, when Miss 6 was just starting 1st grade. This survival guide covers all the things a little guy will need to know when starting school, all told from Junie B.’s point of view. Chapters of the book are: Getting Started, Getting There, Getting Bossed Around, Getting in Trouble, Getting Graded, Getting Smiley.

There are things to read, things to write, things to draw – it should be a fun thing to have over the summer. I was thinking I’d save this book for the start of 2nd grade, but who knows what she’ll be into by then!?!

survival guide

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