Weird Science, Weird Fantasy… graphic novels from the 50’s

When I was a kid, I used to go to an 8-story library in Fort Lauderdale. On the 7th floor were the comic books–reprints and collections of current and old comics. Some favorites were Little Lulu, Donald Duck, Garfield… but the best, absolute best, were the Weird Science-Fantasy comics. The library had a collection of archives of these comics in large, hardbound books. We would check these out, a few books at a time, and I’d just pour over them. There was something really special about this time, these books – the memories I have of them have a glow about them in my head.

I just bought reprints of collections of Little Lulu and Donald Duck for my 5 year old. For myself, I bought a reprint of the first 5 issues of Weird Science-Fantasy.… let the reminiscing begin!

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